Those Two Little Pygmy Goats

My neighbor told me, some time ago, that he was going to buy two pygmy goats to clean up the unused area behind what they use as a back yard. I was interested because my area behind my back yard is unused too. So,I was wondering if those two small goats would do the job for them.

They arrived in May and they have already cleaned up a big area by our fence, but I think they are more fun to watch. I feel like they are the actor and actress and I am their audience.

One is spotted, either dark brown or black spots with white. This beautiful goat is the male. The female goat is plain brown and she follows the male around all day long. They must follow Gods plan because the wife is supposed to be subject to the husband, and I don’t think people do such a good job of that one, do you? We females don’t like being subject to our husbands.

These pygmy goats seem to realize that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because they are always trying to get out. That’s like people too. We always like to have what others have. That is what God warns. We are not supposed to covet what our neighbor has but be satisfied with what we have.

I guess we can take lessons from the animals. There is one thing I am thinking abut today. Someday, we will be judged by God. He will divide us. Some of us will be sheep and the others will be goats. The sheep will be the ones he will take with him into heaven. Maybe I should watch sheep instead of goats! Or at least, I should make sure I will end up in that wonderful pile of sheep!


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