Do you pray believing?

I suspect that every prayer that has not been answered is either not in God’s will, or it hasn’t been answered yet, or you don’t believe it will be answered. If we truly believe the past is totally forgiven, the present is blest and the future is  bright with hope how can we be anything but happy?

God,  himself, has made believing a rule of receiving. Is it any wonder then, that Aunt Anna isn’t getting better if you don’t think she will. We constantly ask, “How is this thing possible?” If you truly believe, the answer is, “GOD”. God will do what you ask if you truly believe.

No one accomplishes so much in so little time as when he or she is in prayer. If only one person prays and believes with total faith and rises up , THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD WILL CHANGE. Will you be that one?

Does that mean our prayers are not answered, ever? Not at all. God is aware that we stumble over our faith every once in awhile. But prayer without faith degenerates into an aimless routine. So make sure you really want Aunt Anna to get better and leave         her healing up to God. Isn’t that better anyway? In other words, get that word BELIEVE under control. And pray, always! After all, you are asking an awesome God to answer. Knowing that much is enough faith for an answer.




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