The Bible Is True

This is a troublesome time for me, but it carries with it some insights for me and you readers to see. I felt I was getting better lately. My back didn’t hurt as bad as before, my  knee pain seemed to giving me a vacation and my stomach pain was better so I was praising God. Then, I fell. I was at a tea party with ladies from my choraliers group and the party was just ending when, I don’t know what happened, but my chair and I landed hard on the floor. I  got up and thought everything was okay, and it was, because I hadn’t broken any bones.

The next day I knew, though no bones were broken, I was in bad shape. I still am. Everything was back where it had been when I was hurting before. But here is where our lesson begins: The Bible is true. We have known that for sure, but when we take it into our hearts it becomes that God has written those promises for me, or you, individually. When he says, he will hold me and wrap his feathers around me, or he will lead me beside green pastures or he will never leave me or forsake me, he really means it!

If we could ever get it into our hearts that the Bible was written for me, or you, and that the Bible is truly God’s love letter to me, or you, We would take God’s Word much more seriously. After I read those promises I knew that God, my heavenly father, would bring me through these days of pain too. Please, take the promises written for you in the Bible as yours, just yours.


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