God is God

We often think of God as a man, probably just like someone you know -a husband, uncle, brother or friend. So, we wonder why our prayers are not answered. I have been studying from the Bible in Genesis through Joshua and I have a fresh, new knowledge of God. For one thing, He has a terribly strong love. He shows this by forgiving the children of Israel crimes that no person on earth would forgive. They constantly worshipped the many gods that were around at that time and they broke every commandment He had given them. He loved them so much, yet He forgave them. But He didn’t allow his best friend, Moses,  to enter the promised land simply because he broke one of His rules.

God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. Now, to sacrifice meant to burn to death his child in a sacrificial fire. He was testing Abraham’s faith. Just as the fire was burning good, and  Abraham had lifted up his son into the fire, God said “No”, and a ram,caught in a bush just happened to be there so Abraham offered him as a sacrifice. Would we have done that?

Joshua was told by God he could take the city of Jericho if he marched the children of Israel around Jericho seven times and the last time they should shout and make a loud noise with those who were carrying trumpets. The city walls would fall inward and they could take the city. Would we walk around a city seven times and then make a lot of noise? I would like to think we would, but I have my doubts.

Or, how about Noah? God told him to build that big arc in the desert where there was no water.His faith must have been bigger than mine because he did it. The people living around him laughed and scorned him all the time he was building. God killed all the people on earth except Noah, his family and the animals! The people of earth were very wicked at that time. Would we have listened to Noah? Again, I have my doubts.

God is greater, God loves more, God gets angry with his people more. He is God! We should all worship Him. Those who do worship Him should realize that He truly is God and we should follow whatever He says in His word,  or as he talks to you. Even those who riot and burn cars and break store windows must decide that God will be God. He is the same as he was to Abraham Joshua and Noah. He doesn’t change at all. Let us all really worship Him. He is worthy of our praise!





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