It Isn’t The Thing You Do

The Bible, in Matthew 10:42, says: If anyone gives even a cup of cold water…,He will certainly not lose his reward. I expect to pass through this world but one time, but I have missed so many times giving that cup of cold water, haven’t you?

It isn’t the thing you do, it’s the thing left undone that is the problem. It gives us a bitter heartbreak. So, why not do those things while you are living and breathing, that is the question, that letter you should have written, for instance. Or, how about talking to that son or daughter before they took the wrong path in their life?

Maybe you should give that worried mother a loving touch or a gentle tone she truly needs, or a song that you might sing with words that you could not say. How about sending that flower you intended to bring to that friend in the hospital,  you thought you were too busy to send?

Maybe today is the day to visit that old lady who lives all alone. You have been wanting to do that, why not today? Perhaps today is the day to tell your husband you or your children you love them.

Remember that it isn’t the thing you do that brings on that awful feeling, it’s what you leave undone. God is right. let’s bring that cool cup of water today.


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