My Son and God

Isn’t it strange how some things turn out? People call it co-instances, but I call it God. He is always working, sometimes to make us better folks, but often to help us out of what could be a real problem.

My son Ron was an engineer at a large research plant for 16 years. His life changed when all the big companies downsized and let many of their employed people go. He looked for work for several years, but either the companies wanted to save money and hire those folks just out of college, or he had too much education and would quit the job just as soon as a better one came along.

He finally decided to embark on a new career on the internet. He had no family to worry about and knew it would be awhile before he earned very much. He began by writing a  podcast and he offered editing services to people writing books and articles. He is very happy with his decision. Shortly after this, my husband died and my son’s apartment rent began to be too much for him. We decided that he would move into the rooms not needed since the children grew up and left our home. That way, I, in my eighties, would have someone around me.

lately, It has turned out that he has become my caregiver. I am soon to become 92 and have developed some health problems. I can’t get around to do things like I used to do.  He doesn’t complain, even when he has to do things that aren’t really manly. He is a wonderful son and a great caregiver. Besides that, he has his career, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

While he was doing his work as an engineer, I don’t imagine he ever thought he would move into the room he grew up in, but the whole thing sounds like God had a hand in arranging our lives. As far as we are concerned, God did a pretty good job.


It Was, It is, April

Wasn’t it great to look out your windows in the morning lately, here in the Northwest? The skies are now blue and the sun shines so brightly! It is the end of April and the rest of the month was dark, gloomy and cold, not at all like we anticipate April to be. It reminded me of an April when I was a girl about ten.

My dad was a pastor of four congregations. He usually held services every other week in the two smaller churches, But at Easter and Christmas, he held them at all four churches. So, after our family attended the 9:30 Easter worship, Mom and Dad headed out to the other three, armed with their lunch which would be eaten in one of the church’s pews. Mom had to go along because she played the organ at all of the churches. The weather was cold and dark.

pexels-photo-236995.jpegThey were eating their lunch when they noticed it had become quite windy outdoors and they decided to hurry to the next Church, but before they got there the snow was coming down crosswise because of the wind. Everyone was at the church when Mom and Dad got there, but by the time the worship hour was completed, there were at least two feet of snow on the ground. The worshipers were wondering how they could get home and they told Mom and Dad not to try to drive the distance they had to go to get home. My parents were worried about us kids who were home alone. I was the oldest child of three and I was only ten. They decided to try to make it home.

About an hour after they drove very slowly through the snow, the car slipped down a ditch and Dad was hurt. He felt he had broken some ribs and his arm. Mom went up on the road to see if anyone was coming, They ended up just sitting in the car. Two hours, or so later, a tractor came down the road. The guy who drove the tractor told Mom, who was standing outside the car, “I thought I would drive out a bit to see if anyone was stranded out here in the snow, and here you are.” Isn’t God wonderful?

The man took Mom and dad to his home where he got his horse and wagon ready and brought them home. Later, Dad got to the doctor and was fixed up. He did have two broken ribs but his arm was just hurt.

I guess we have had other times in April when the weather was bad, but I still think of April as flowers, sunshine and once in awhile warm showers, don’t you?

Spring Break!

000maryIt’s Spring Break time, here in our town, and I suppose many of our young ladies and men are going off to one beach or another. I also suppose many parents are worrying as they watch their television sets showing what is going on. It certainly doesn’t make them worry less.

Do you remember when Spring Break was called Easter Vacation? It was  always held on Easter week by our schools so that Holy Thursday and Good Friday could also be remembered. Times were different then, weren’t they?

This week, my grand daughter is celebrating Spring Break in Italy. She flew there with many other young artists around the state. They, together with their teachers , will visit many of the well known art pieces such as the Sistine Chapel and the art at the Vatican. What a wonderful vacation!

That is the way to celebrate Spring Break. I wish, no I pray, that times will change and young people will find better ways to celebrate. The opportunity to go to Paris probably won’t come to them, but they will certainly find good, healthy ways to celebrate Spring Break.


My Dog SonnyMy dog, Sonny, left this life on Thursday. It was a hard thing to do. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I would have to put him down, but I hated to do it. He was with me nearly 16 years! I don’t know if my years have something to do with my mourning, I am 91 years old, but I really miss him terribly. He stayed by my side all the time, especially when I was ill.

One day, my husband took him out for a walk. He slipped on the wet pavement and fell just behind a car that was backing out of a driveway. Sonny ran, his leash dragging behind him, to the front of the car. He was barking all the time. The driver of the car stopped and got out of the car and helped my husband out from under the car and took him and Sonny home. I guess that shows what a caring dog Sonny was. Yesterday, I got a card from the folks at the Hazel Dell Animal Hospital. the verse they sent meant a lot to me so I thought it might help those of you who have lost a dog, so, here it is:

They will not go quietly, the pets who’ve shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.

Old habits still can make us think we hear them at the door

Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be,

And, sometimes, coming home at night we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill,

That one place in our hearts belong to Sonny…..and always will.


Have You Ever felt Like This?

In bed, I felt warm and comfortable. I thought, why should I get up, there is nothing to get up for. I will just watch television or the dumb stuff on my tablet. My back and legs hurt,  I’m no good for anyone so I’ll just stay here in bed.

That’s exactly how I felt this morning. Then I sat up, throwing my blankets away from me, and I said out loud, “What’s the matter with me? God gave me this day! Maybe He will give me no more days but He gives me this one and not one to waste either! I should thank Him and get out of bed.”

My son is walking again!I felt much better and began thinking about what I would do with this gift. I knew I wouldn’t waste this day. I poured myself a cup of coffee that my son had started the percolator for me before he went to work. Thank you, Ron!  Then I started writing my blog, thinking, maybe someone will read this and be blessed. We do need to think of each day as a gift. 

My son, In New Mexico, got his new artificial leg and I watched him walk for the first time in a long time. He was smiling as he took those first, hurting steps. But I know him. He doesn’t wake up like I did. Every time his doctor gave him a speck of good news, he called me, and was so excited! You too, know someone who smiles through the shadows. Let them tell you that each day is a gift from God. You will feel better and not waste your gift.









I Remember Marv

Marv, Faythe and my ParentsI recently returned from attending a Memorial Service honoring the life and faith of Marv Martin. It was a beautiful service with the overhead pictures showing how he lived, a man who liked to have fun but had a serious side too. He was a man who cared for everyone and everyone was his friend.

I looked over the crowd gathered in the church and I thought, There are people here from every age including little children who, I imagine, have good memories like my own did when they were little. He did love children. He had only two of them, Debbie, with his first wife Faythe, and Mark, with his second wife, Ardis. He has also welcomed grandchildren and of course every child he met.

There were 15 people at that service, that I counted anyway, that knew and loved Marv from way back in Wisconsin when he was married to his first wife. Most of them called him “Uncle Marv.” I called him my brother-in-law because Faythe was my sister. He cared for all of us and it didn’t matter whether we were related or not.

I remember when he taught my little son to walk. He would hold something in his hand. Like a toy or some sweet thing he could eat, and he’d say, “You walk over to me and I’ll give you this, Ronnie”. Ronnie took one or two steps and then got down on all fours and creep over to Marv. After all, that was faster. Marv would say, “No, you can’t have this until you walk to me.” He did this several times and finally walked all the way. That was Marv. He took all the time needed even if he had other things to do.

Maybe we should learn something from this man, Marvin Martin.


What Are You Looking For?

The house looks great, inside and out. The cookies are all baked and ready to go. The shopping is finally done and even the presents are wrapped. The Christmas cards have all been sent except that one I received today. How did I happen to miss her? Yes, it looks like I’m all ready for Christmas. Are you?

Do you look for that one last thing? Or Maybe that it would snow for Christmas! Just a little bit, so everyone can still get around. Yes, that would make it a real Christmas!

Maybe it would be good to go to church, they always have it decorated so nice. However, the decorations you worked so hard for, the beautifully frosted cookies are all in the tummies of those you gave them to. The shopping is done, the gifts have been given and yet you are still looking.

Could it be that you are looking for that baby whose birthday we are celebrating? Is there an empty spot in your heart? I am so sorry that Christmas has become just a holiday for so many folks. It is a time we put up decorations, bake those cookies and shop for those gifts. AlL in celebration of a baby who was born in a barn. Who Was raised in Nazareth, and died a horrible death for every one of us. Even the worst criminal you can think of. Our past, present, and future sins are gone. All we have to do is accept that baby into our hearts.  He is our Savior, the Son of God, and, we must confess that we are so unworthy to accept such a great gift. That is why so many of us are looking for that empty spot in our hearts to be filled. Is that you? fill it up today!