Does God Make The Leaves Fall?

The leaves are falling all over at my place. You can’t tell where the walks or driveway are! And we wonder. Does God make the leaves fall?

We ask a tree scientist. He goes on with a lot of mumbo jumbo, about cells, roots, and transubsansiation, or something like that! He goes on for quite awhile, but we don’t understand most of it. I wonder if he knows.

The tree seems to know. The pretty colored leaves fall at the same time every year. Who colors them? I suppose the scientist would say something I wouldn’t understand about that either. But they are colored and I love it! I especially love it when I walk through them, making a swishing sound!

The tree seems to know when to start making buds where the leaves fell, and when the leaves grow so pretty and green in the springtime. The scientist would have an answer about that too, but if we kept on asking “WHY” they wouldn’t really have an answer. BUT I DO.

God knows when the buds should form, He knows when the green leaves should show up and he paints them so many colors of red, orange and yellow. Then He makes them fall in order to make room for the buds. Isn’t God wonderful though? Just think about it for awhile. The answer could only be God!



We Can Count On Fall!

I believe that fall is my favorite time of the year. I don’t know why, but my spirit does. I just get happier, that’s all!  Even when those beautifully colored leaves fall over my sidewalk and driveway I’m happy. The air has a fresh and crisp feeling. I love to hang my clothes out even if it costs me more ironing. I have several big maple trees around here and I love it when it is dry so I can walk through the leaves and hear that crunchy sound. I’ve done that since I was a kid.

I don’t care much about halloween though. The costumes are getting more horror bound every year and I wonder if the devil has something to do with that! When I was a kid all we had was parties where we dove for apples and carved jack-o-lanterns. The older boys tipped over the outhouses in town. Parents were upset about that. Halloween seemed more like a fall celebration than the scary one we have today.

And, those Columbus Day sales! I guess they try to have a sale for every holiday that comes around. I don’t think they even know what Christopher Columbus did or that he accidentally discovered America in 1492. All the people know is that is a good time to have a sale.

Anyhow I love this and every fall season. I don’t know how some do not believe in God. The trees all drop their leaves in the fall. It will look as if they are dead. But in the spring we will see tiny leaves begin sprouting again. Summer is harvest time when fruit and wheat and much else is taken from the trees or fields and winter is a time of resting, knowing that spring will come again. A great and loving God could only arrange that.



Our Home In The Woods

TAG NatureI have lived in my home in the woods for 50 years! People told me I shouldn’t buy that house  because it was a scary place to live with all those big trees, but I loved it and love it still. I prayed that God would protect me and my children and he has. I was a single mother when I bought it and after I remarried we raised four children here. Most of them have returned to live here during their troubled times. My husband has died and I still live on in my home in the woods. I don’t live here alone though, my son lives with me.

About 20 years ago our world, at least in my mind, changed. No longer did we just have abortion, we now used it as a form of birth control and even used the little baby’s torn body in our face cream! Men began to lust more and more after men and woman lusted after woman. Our schools changed too. There was no more Christmas and our history books took out a lot of our history. I still lived in my home in the woods.

When our city decided to extend 87th avenue, I was in favor because even though they had to take out a bunch of trees, it would give people living north of our city greater access to our hospital, but I wasn’t prepared for street number 15. I guess the city thought that the new 87th avenue gave them the right to take out more trees and build a completely new housing area in the woods, only they took out the woods. They put in more streets and over a hundred homes! It didn’t effect us much because the trees were still there to the east of us. It wasn’t as quiet as before and we could see a little bit of one house.

We felt comforted as they couldn’t go any further into the woods. There was a deep ravine running north and south which they couldn’t penetrate. Well, two weeks ago they penetrated! They built a bridge over the ravine and yesterday our woods disappeared! We felt the earth shake as one by one the big, over 150 feet tall,fir trees fell to  the ground. It was a sad day. They told my son that they will still cut eight trees and the builders will first build one house. Oh we still have woods to the west of us. but it isn’t the same. It won’t be long until our area north of us will have hundreds of homes and no trees!

My son says, “Won’t it be great when we will have a view of Mt. St. Helens?” but our home in the woods is on a hill. I”m sure that all we will see is rooftops. I thought we were to keep all these old trees. They have disappeared along with the deer, raccoons and coyotes as these have disappeared more and more as the city has infringed on their property.

I suppose I too will disappear but I hope I can still live here in my home in the woods while the remaining woods remains. I pray that no more trees will be cut while I live. God is good!

My Pond

I am building a pond in my back yard. You might be thinking, “Why in the world is she building a pond, she’s in her 80s! After hauling rocks up a hill I’m beginning to wonder that myself. but let me tell you a story:

My husband and I worked long and hard at building a pond with a deck around it down a hill and in the forest at the lower portion of our property. It was completely secluded and became the place where we could talk things over. It was nice, bringing our coffee down there. We would not talk for a while, just sat listening to our hand made waterfall as the water tripped over the stones and the birds singing in the forest. Then we would talk over the things we needed to do and the things we were thinking about. I have many happy memories of those days. He died in 2008 and the pond area became precious to me almost like an altar.

I loved to go down there and sit in my lawn swing and pretend I was talking to my husband. I talked to God too and I sang both hymns and popular in the 40’s songs. One time I said out loud, “Boy I wish my sister could come and harmonize with me. I began singing “Love’s Old Sweet Song” and a voice behind me sang the harmony! I can’t tell you who was singing because there is no way a person could come up behind me but I can tell you someone was singing with me! My sister died over 44 years ago, but the voice sounded like hers! I finished the song with tear in my eyes.

Perhaps I was praying when I wished for my sister to come and harmonize with me and an angel came.  At least that is what I think. Anyhow the planks on the deck have rotted. My son went through one of them and hurt his back. It is difficult for me to walk down the hill too and the kids don’t want me to walk down there alone. That is just what I want to do. Anyhow, the days I spent down at the pond area are over.

That’s why I am building a pond close to our house. I hope to have some of the same feelings there. Aren’t we funny sometimes though? We try to bring back some things that we can never bring back. We should always enjoy what we have today and plan ahead what we want to do. I am doing that too. I will leave next week to go to Rio Rancho, New Mexico to see my first Great Grandchild and to visit with my son, Jim, and his family. So, there will be no blog next week. I hope to have the pond finished before I go.


It’s Almost May!

May is sort of a mystery month. We can hardly believe how green the grass is. It wasn’t this green last year, was it? And now those dead looking trees actually have tiny leaves and some have blossoms! The lilacs are blooming too. Where did those lovely blooms come from? The bush looked dead yesterday! Azaleas and rhododendrons will soon take center stage too.

May really should be the first month of the year because everything seems brand new in May. I don’t know why but I feel more lonely in May than in other months. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in May and I look back on 80+ years of memories. It isn’t because my husbands died in May. One died in November and the other in June. Maybe it isn’t loneliness at all but there a sudden sense of emptiness. The only cure is to get very busy with something and in May there is much to do. The lawn needs continual mowing and the annuals need planting. The house inside needs some going over too. It’s beginning to look a little shabby.

I’ve noticed that my cat, Guiness (He was a rescue cat and someone had named him years before) seems lonely too. All winter he thought he was a bear and he hibernated warm and snug in his special place. However, now he seems to need me. he wants to be close, on my lap or on the back of my recliner when I am busy with something.

That cat is remarkable. I bought a collar for him but he didn’t like it. It was put on him to stay unless I took it off. But Gueness got it off! Once he used a spoon he found that had fallen to the floor as his tool. In the morning I found the collar wrapped up in the spoon on the floor. I couldn’t figure it out, but he used a pencil the same way another time! I wish I could see him do it but he takes off his collar late at night.

I heard about another cat who had five kittens. Whenever that mother went hunting, she’s bring five dead mice into the house and lay them beside each of her five children. Isn’t that amazing?

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself, but it’s almost May. Get out and enjoy the  month won’t you? Let’s enjoy because it’s soon May and everything is new again. We need to rejoice and thank God for this wonderful month.

A Weekend To Remember.

It started off on Friday when my best friend, Shih Tzu dog Sonny, went under the knife! The Vet took five of his teeth out. He had constant ear infections and couldn’t eat dry food so I had it done. He is sore, but not complaining much. He is 10 years old so he is not a young dog. I’ll admit I was worried about the anesthesia because I had another dog who didn’t awaken again during a spading operation. Isn’t it funny how a dog can become almost like a human to a dog-lover?

Then on Sunday afternoon my son, Ron, Took me and Sonny on a road trip up the Washington side of the gorge. Oh, was that beautiful! The greenery of the fir trees and the early gold of the meadows almost took my breath away. Then add the blue of the skies and the river and you have it all. I can’t forget the mountains, they were above me sometimes and below me other times depending on whether we were driving up or down. They were gorgeous in their green and brown dresses any way I looked at them.

My son said he was going to take me to the prettiest picnic table he had ever seen. I had seen many picnic tables and couldn’t see what would be so pretty about this one. But it was! It perched high on a rocky cliff with a mountain wall just across the river. The Columbia River was quiet today, I didn’t see the usual white caps and it looked small below me. Beacon Rock stood majestically just beside me where I could see where people could climb it. I had climbed it years before but as I looked at it yesterday I couldn’t believe I had ever done that! After we visited that picnic table, we started off for home.

It was a wonderful day, a blue sky and sunny day. I had seen the gorge many times before but I had never seen it like yesterday. Ron had hiked that area many times and knew just where to take me. He told me what everything looked like in Spring or Winter and about the wild life that is abundant in the Springtime. He gave me a gift I will always remember. How great is God who created all this! And how great a gift it was to be able to see this grandeur.

Harvest Time Is Nearly Here

It’s nearly harvest time. I guess that doesn’t mean as much today as it did in years gone by. Pre-packaged food has become a way of life. However, I still like to “Put up” a few jars of jams and jellies. My daughter enjoys canning and does as much as she has time for. She is a single parent with two girls to raise and is a local teacher too.

Even though I enjoy seeing the rows of sparkling red, purple and gold jars sitting on my pantry shelves I know it would be foolish for me, with my husband gone, to engage in much harvesting. However, there is the nostalgia. I remember my mother standing over a boiling kettle nearly every day during the harvest season. The kitchen was hot and steamy but the fragrance heavenly. It was almost as good as bread baking days!

I think of the farm when I ponder over harvest time. When I was a young girl, I helped out in the cooking wagon at threshing time. It was fun for me and my cousin, Myrtle, but my aunt and her friends thought it was only hard work. They did enjoy it though. I could tell by the laughing and talking they did. When the men came in from the field, they looked tired and hot, but after they washed up in buckets placed near the cooking wagon, they looked fresh and really ready to eat all the food prepared for them. And, did they eat!

After they ate they laid down in the grassy meadow nearby and smoked their pipes, talking together about crops and stuff that I wasn’t interested in at all. There seemed to be a signal because the men stood up at the same time and headed out to the field again. I think threshing time was a good time too. Oh, I know the farming equipment today does the work quicker and better, but the threshing machine went from farm to farm and people all worked together to get the crops in. The women worked together to keep their men fed too. Today we are lucky if we know the names of our neighbors.

How about us? Are we harvesting the good things, working toward inward fulfillment—toward that inner abundance for which we humans yearn? We can only yield the harvest of peace and love by looking to God as the source of our supply Then we will harvest that inner abundance in our lives. Let’s get to know God and make a jar or two of Jelly to bring over to our neighbor, shall we?