The Bible Is True

This is a troublesome time for me, but it carries with it some insights for me and you readers to see. I felt I was getting better lately. My back didn’t hurt as bad as before, my  knee pain seemed to giving me a vacation and my stomach pain was better so I was praising God. Then, I fell. I was at a tea party with ladies from my choraliers group and the party was just ending when, I don’t know what happened, but my chair and I landed hard on the floor. I  got up and thought everything was okay, and it was, because I hadn’t broken any bones.

The next day I knew, though no bones were broken, I was in bad shape. I still am. Everything was back where it had been when I was hurting before. But here is where our lesson begins: The Bible is true. We have known that for sure, but when we take it into our hearts it becomes that God has written those promises for me, or you, individually. When he says, he will hold me and wrap his feathers around me, or he will lead me beside green pastures or he will never leave me or forsake me, he really means it!

If we could ever get it into our hearts that the Bible was written for me, or you, and that the Bible is truly God’s love letter to me, or you, We would take God’s Word much more seriously. After I read those promises I knew that God, my heavenly father, would bring me through these days of pain too. Please, take the promises written for you in the Bible as yours, just yours.

What Is A Christian?

A cute little girl with curly blond hair and bright blue eyes looked up at her Sunday School teacher and asked, “What is a Christian?”

The teacher asked, “Why do you ask, Betsy?

“Well, I always hear on the television that Christians are killed, and even some people say they are bad,” she answered.

“No, Christians are not bad, but I’ll come back next week with a good answer as to what a Christian is, said the teacher.

She first tried to find out why Christians are persecuted so often and so hard, but she couldn’t find out anything that a little child could understand, in fact she couldn’t understand it either.”

So, she made a list that goes something like this:

  1. A Christian family goes to church every Sunday. No, that isn’t it.
  2. A Christian is someone who doesn’t drink, smoke or swear. That doesn’t answer it.
  3. A Christian reads the Bible every day. that’s getting closer, but it isn’t right.
  4. A Christian gives clothes, food, and even toys to a family who needs help. No, others do too.

“None of that explains anything,” she thought, “I know, I’ll tell her why I’m  a Christian, that’s  what I’ll do.”

The following Sunday the teacher told her students what a Christian is. She said, “A Christian is someone who believes Jesus is not just a good man. He is the Son of God who came down here as a human baby. But God wanted so badly to save the people and He knew that people needed someone to save them.

Jesus was that baby who grew up, not doing anything wrong, but the people killed him by nailing him to a tree. He died. and three days later He walked out of his grave! He was alive again! He visited with his friends and  many other people and stayed around for several days before God took him to Heaven. Jesus had done what God wanted him to do. And if you believe what I have told you, you are saved also. That means you will go to Heaven when you die, and you will live with God and Jesus forever! It is important that you ask to be forgiven of any sins you have done. You can do this in your prayers every day.

I don’t know why some people don’t like him. Probably they are mad because they aren’t Christians too, but all they have to do is believe what I have told you. Then, they will be Christians too. You know what? We are the ones who need to tell them!”




















A Faithful Bridge Builder

I wonder what God is thinking as He watches humanity today. In Old Testament times, folks weren’t following his rules, even the rulers and priests of the temple were high and mighty, ruling from their heads, not their hearts. We think of a peaceful countryside when the baby Jesus was born, That would be nice, but the area around Bethlehem was anything but peaceful! The Roman government, who owned them was extremely harsh to the Jewish people who wanted their own government. There were many killings, beatings, rapes and everything evil  you can think of. Yet God brought forth Jesus. The killings and rapes continued. God could not look at the wickedness and we humans could not come to God.

The wickedness continued but more and more folks learned from Jesus and opened their hearts to Him and God was no longer a stranger, but their Father! Yes, God could have left things as they were, but instead He built a bridge between Jesus and himself. All of us, who will, can come to God in prayer because Jesus was willing to die for all our sins. And, He rose from the dead and is with the Father right now.

However, God loves all of us equally and  doesn’t want anyone to perish, and that brings up YOU.  We have to talk to anyone and everyone and try not to let any buddy go until they make a choice. the pastors can’t do it alone because most of these folks don’t go to church!

The problem is our world is as wicked as it was in Bethlehem when Jesus was born, only there are more folks around..I’m sure that God has tears in his eyes, but He has a smile too, for the thousands of us who have answered the call. I think you want your neighbor and friends to walk on that bridge, accepting what God has done through Jesus, our Savior.

Forgive and Forget

One day Martha said to Betty, “Do you remember the time you hit me just because you wanted the swing and it was my turn?”

Betty answered her, “Have you kept this dumb thing in your mind all these years? No, I haven’t thought about it. That happened over thirty years ago! And besides, I’m sure I said I’m sorry.”

However, isn’t that what we do? We sin and ask for forgiveness. God forgives us because He gave us his son, Jesus to die that horrible death on the cross, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference to us. We ask for forgiveness for the same sin again, and again. Not only that, but we dwell on the same sin just as if He hadn’t forgiven us.

The Bible says that once we have asked for forgiveness, He forgives and puts the sin as far as the east is from the west. He remembers it no more and that is what makes us free, yes free indeed! If we keep on thinking about that sin, we never can feel free.

I have felt, for a long time, that my sins have to be forgiven over and over again and since I believed that now these sins are forgiven, they are forgiven and forgotten by God because of His son, Jesus. Of course I have to be forgiven by the new sins I have committed. I seem to say or do things wrong all the time!  But, I am free, and free indeed!

I was thinking about this recently when a friend said she wishes she hadn’t done what she did. We all do, but we can be free just by asking God to forgive us and then forget it just as God does. Isn’t He wonderful?

What Is Faith?

Faith is when you come into a room and sit down on a chair. You have faith that the chair will hold you. You don’t even look, you just sit down. Why is it that we often don’t have faith to believe that Jesus once said He will never leave us or forsake us and God said He would keep us like a mother hen hides her chicks under her wings. Instead, we complain, “No one knows or even cares about me.” Oh, but that just shows we have so little faith, doesn’t it?

Let’s take another look at it. Do you put the letter in a mailbox and let it go? Or do you hang on to  a corner of the envelope and then wonder why the answer never comes? It’s the same with faith. It hands that thing you are worrying about over to God, allowing Him to work on it. The Bible says “Commit your way unto the Lord, trust in Him and He will do this.” We must commit to the Lord and let it go.”

I found this out when I was praying often to God to heal my son, the one who recently had a bad infection in his foot and his leg needed to be cut off. I was praying all the time, and I was praying urgently too. A voice inside of me gave me that Bible verse. I thought about it and then committed Jim to the Lord and didn’t pray any more. I let it go and let God do what must be done.

He did have his leg cut off but he is fine. God has done what we wanted , to make him well again. He is in rehabilitation now, learning how to live without his leg. Now, if only we could trust in God like we do when we sit down on a chair, we would have more of our prayers answered. Remember, He sometimes answers in ways we don’t understand and sometimes He just says “No”. Isn’t it

Isn’t it better to sit down, In God’s chair, and pray. Then trust him to have an answer. The answer might surprise you, but later on, you’ll know it was the best answer of all!

Discouragements, Not Welcome!

My family is going through a rough week. My daughter has been diagnosed with pneumonia, only she doesn’t seem to follow orders from her doctor. I called her and found she was driving to a town nearly 100 miles away! I figured she should be in bed. Then I found out my teenager grand daughter is taking drugs and alcohol and hanging out with s0me bad kids! Then I got a phone call! My son has an infection in the foot he has gout in and his kidneys are not working so he must go on kidney dialasis. He has found out that he must have the foot and a part of the leg cut off! I urge your prayers for my son.

Anyhow my mind wheeled around and, yes, I worried. In fact I didn’t sleep that night but I have come to what I have always known, but haven’t always done. I gave it all to God. It was the only thing I could do. Worry does no good at all. But He can handle my son, daughter and grand daughter just fine. He loves each one of them. And, thank you God, He loves me too! But I’ll keep on praying. God demands that.

He loves you too. Don’t forget that. When you get discouraged. Don’t worry. Just turn the thing that has your mind wheeling around over to God. His love is boundless and forever. and when He created all the beauty around us, certainly He can handle our problems. can’t He?


Do You Have a Heavy burden?

You have all seen the poster where a man meets a boy carrying another boy who seems to have hurt himself. The man asks the boy, “Isn’t that load too much for you?” The boy answers him: “Oh, he ain’t heavy mister, he’s my brother.”

The story goes on, in my version: The man says, “Oh but I am working for Jesus now, so it’s Jesus who takes your heavy load from you. Isn’t it okay then for me to take that heavy load off you, even if your load is your brother?”

“I guess so, if you are really working for Jesus.” The boy is a little hesitant, but gives his burden to Jesus.

We all are working for him, if we believe him. The boy was working for Jesus when he tried to carry your brother. I wish everyone had an attitude of love for everyone they might meet. Jesus had an attitude of love when He died for each of us and he asks each one of us to have love for the people we could help. If you can’t actually carry his load, Just show him you love him by a smile or a word

Novelist  and minister Ian Maclaren wrote:    be kind, everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden. as you meet people today bring with you an attitude of love. Though you cannot see how they react, You will still be a blessing to them.