Those Two Little Pygmy Goats

My neighbor told me, some time ago, that he was going to buy two pygmy goats to clean up the unused area behind what they use as a back yard. I was interested because my area behind my back yard is unused too. So,I was wondering if those two small goats would do the job for them.

They arrived in May and they have already cleaned up a big area by our fence, but I think they are more fun to watch. I feel like they are the actor and actress and I am their audience.

One is spotted, either dark brown or black spots with white. This beautiful goat is the male. The female goat is plain brown and she follows the male around all day long. They must follow Gods plan because the wife is supposed to be subject to the husband, and I don’t think people do such a good job of that one, do you? We females don’t like being subject to our husbands.

These pygmy goats seem to realize that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because they are always trying to get out. That’s like people too. We always like to have what others have. That is what God warns. We are not supposed to covet what our neighbor has but be satisfied with what we have.

I guess we can take lessons from the animals. There is one thing I am thinking abut today. Someday, we will be judged by God. He will divide us. Some of us will be sheep and the others will be goats. The sheep will be the ones he will take with him into heaven. Maybe I should watch sheep instead of goats! Or at least, I should make sure I will end up in that wonderful pile of sheep!

Everything Is Included

George was given a ticket to go on a cruise by his wealthy brother. He was very excited and couldn’t wait until the departure date. George had worked very hard for many years and this was his retirement gift.

The time finally came. George had packed his suitcase and a bag to hold his sandwiches to eat while he was traveling. He had decided he didn’t have enough money to eat in “that fancy eating place,” So, at mealtime, he sat in a corner where he wouldn’t be seen, and ate his sandwiches.

One day a man came by his corner and saw him eating. “Don’t you know everything is included, your meals can be eaten here too.”

George couldn’t believe it, but he ate the rest of his meals at “That fancy eating place” and really enjoyed himself.

It’s the same for all of us. So many folks work hard expecting their work will  let them go to heaven. They say “yes” to every committee in church, and work every time something opens up. Now, these items need people,  but if you are working hard in order to get into heaven, you are wrong. Jesus says we should come, his yolk is easy and our burdens will be light, because he will carry them.

All we have to do is Come, believe his birth, death and resurrection, ask for forgiveness of all your sins and follow Jesus. Of course, this has to be from your heart not your mouth. And everything is included, not only the forgiveness of your sin, but Jesus will come and live with you, comfort you when you are sad and take your burdens, which are many times very heavy. Isn’t that great!

You won’t have to eat your sandwiches in a corner, but you can eat your steak in “that fancy eating place”. COME!

What Is A Christian?

A cute little girl with curly blond hair and bright blue eyes looked up at her Sunday School teacher and asked, “What is a Christian?”

The teacher asked, “Why do you ask, Betsy?

“Well, I always hear on the television that Christians are killed, and even some people say they are bad,” she answered.

“No, Christians are not bad, but I’ll come back next week with a good answer as to what a Christian is, said the teacher.

She first tried to find out why Christians are persecuted so often and so hard, but she couldn’t find out anything that a little child could understand, in fact she couldn’t understand it either.”

So, she made a list that goes something like this:

  1. A Christian family goes to church every Sunday. No, that isn’t it.
  2. A Christian is someone who doesn’t drink, smoke or swear. That doesn’t answer it.
  3. A Christian reads the Bible every day. that’s getting closer, but it isn’t right.
  4. A Christian gives clothes, food, and even toys to a family who needs help. No, others do too.

“None of that explains anything,” she thought, “I know, I’ll tell her why I’m  a Christian, that’s  what I’ll do.”

The following Sunday the teacher told her students what a Christian is. She said, “A Christian is someone who believes Jesus is not just a good man. He is the Son of God who came down here as a human baby. But God wanted so badly to save the people and He knew that people needed someone to save them.

Jesus was that baby who grew up, not doing anything wrong, but the people killed him by nailing him to a tree. He died. and three days later He walked out of his grave! He was alive again! He visited with his friends and  many other people and stayed around for several days before God took him to Heaven. Jesus had done what God wanted him to do. And if you believe what I have told you, you are saved also. That means you will go to Heaven when you die, and you will live with God and Jesus forever! It is important that you ask to be forgiven of any sins you have done. You can do this in your prayers every day.

I don’t know why some people don’t like him. Probably they are mad because they aren’t Christians too, but all they have to do is believe what I have told you. Then, they will be Christians too. You know what? We are the ones who need to tell them!”




















Why Do They Hate Him So Much?

I am 91 years old and I can’t remember any president who was hated just for winning an election. Sometimes there has been a left down feeling as they had voted for the other candidate, but they soon were on board with the new president. That surely isn’t what is happening today.

While it is true that President Trump was never a politician, but was rather a well known business man, we know that several of our presidents were not known for being political, President Regan was a Hollywood star for instance. President Obama didn’t have much experience either.

But I have heard President Trump called many awful names. He has been the subject of an impeachment order in Congress. People have talked about having him killed. They laugh about what he is doing and now I have heard crazy things about his first trip overseas. They think “draining the swamp” is funny but what he is finding out now shows that the swamp really needs draining.

I believe we are Americans and should respect our President, no matter what! I didn’t like some of the things President Obama did, but I never talked bad about him. I can’t imagine who these people are who say such things about our president. I hear it is the Democrats, but I have heard several Democrats who don’t talk that way. I wish that the bashing of our President Trump would end. He is our president now and he is doing great things.

I don’t know why I decided to write this kind of blog. It certainly isn’t my usual kind of banter. But I heard so much from television and my friends that my “GramMa’s Thoughts just came to me.

Should Christians join together?

I’m sure you remember the story of Joshua in the Old Testament. Most of these Old Testament stories were told to us when we went to Sunday School and we have never forgotten them. Joshua was told by a Captain of the  Lord’s Army that he was to take the city of Jericho and he did just what the Captain told him. He gathered all the people, the seven trumpeters and the high priests around him. First, they marched around the city and then went back to their camp. Then they marched around the city seven times silently, they were not to speak at all. At the end of the seventh time, he yelled “shout” and all the people shouted and the trumpeters sounded their horns. The walls of the city fell down! They took the city!

I imagine the people were confused and probably felt a little silly marching around the city, and seven times at that! But it worked! There are a lot of Christians in America today.  We should join together, regardless of things that are different. We all believe that God sent his son, Jesus, into the world to suffer and die for our sins and that he rose from the dead on Easter morning, don’t we? Well, if we joined together we’d get rid of the noisy crowd that seems to show up to break windows and set fire to cars every weekend. We would also insist that everyone who wanted to would be able to speak at our colleges! I think we would be like Joshua and the city of Jericho, don’t you?

It’s something we should think about if we want to save our country. There are several other things that really hurt our country too, but I think we should begin with those crowds, intent on changing our constitution and the good things that America has always offered.

I’m Glad There Is An Easter

I noticed there is a difference in the way Easter is depicted this year, at least on television. There seems to be less bunnies and colored eggs and more of the old films which show the death and resurrection of Jesus. Even the ads showing bunnies and colored eggs seem to be less this year. Although the world goes on thinking Easter is a day set aside for the beginning of  Spring. It is, but it’s because He lives!

I didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday. I believe this was the first time in my life. I didn’t get together with my children and grandchildren for dinner at my daughter’s home either! I just sat in my chair watching the Trailblazers basketball team lose, and feeling sorry for myself. Later in the day I listened to a sermon which stated that if we walk with God, He knows everything about us and puts us just where we would learn the most about Him. I thought,”What am I learning by staying home sick from church and the dinner at my daughter’s home?”

So I placed myself at home 2000 years ago just before the resurrection, I was watching the kids outside playing games, but not really watching, just sadly reflecting on what had just happened. The Jesus I had followed and loved had suffered a terrible death. I had really thought he was the Son of God but now He was dead! How could He be the Son of God? But then, He defeated death and rose up from the dead. He walked many places and 500 people saw him alive! He didn’t have the same body though, and could walk through walls at will! But it was Jesus!

We should all put ourselves there, just before the resurrection. We would feel bad, really bad. Our teacher is dead! And when we see him again, He is alive! He had conquered death and was alive! Wouldn’t our feelings about Easter be changed? I know my little thoughts Made a difference for me. Easter made a difference for me. I knew all those things but playacting them in my mind brought joy. We should remember His resurrection every day of our lives!





March Madness Is Here!

I got interested in March Madness this year because I have followed Wisconsin’s team. I have always followed the team wether it was basketball or football.  I lived in Wisconsin all during my first marriage and I buried my husband there. He earned his Master’s degree in Oregon so I’m also interested in their team.

This year, however, I filed out MY brackets and found out that I had Wisconsin playing Oregon for the champion game! And, it’s still a possibility! so I am a fan of March Madness even though I know many people gamble on these games. That I don’t agree with.

But, I think there is a far worse March Madness happening here in America and that is the thousands of people who, not only carry signs, but they are burning cars, killing policemen and breaking store windows too. Some of these are protesting because the wrong person speak at their college. Some are protesting the election. I am 90 years young and I’ve never seen anything like this. I am aware of our Constitution which says everyone has the right to speak but these protestors are doing far worse.

Why don’t we listen to those who don’t agree with the speaker who has been engaged to speak at any college? You might hear something you hadn’t heard before. And why keep on protesting the election? It was held over two months ago! You are hurting our country by keeping on this way. We talk about unity but we are far from united. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get together and each one of us do what we can to improve the things that are wrong in our wonderful country? That’s what I call “March Togetherness”.