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He Leadeth Me – A Grandmother’s Story

I was born during the depression years, well before “World War II. My thoughts and memories are quite clear even though I do admit to a few “Senior Moments”. Together we can explore the past, present and today. The photo above shows two of my grandchildren looking at the beautiful scenery around Yellowstone Park. However, I like to think they are looking into their futures too. I pray every day that they will take God’s hand as they walk their story.

I have written a book, He leadeth Me – A Grandmother’s Story, recently published by Amazon as an E-book. In it you will find my story, from the great depression and World War II to the high tech society of today. You will find God taking my hand as I walk through the years, and carrying me over the rough and tough times when I couldn’t walk alone. We will talk together as you read my blog. I will give you stories of my family, my Christian faith and the wonderful world God has created.

I hope that you will tell me your stories and thoughts as well,

E. Yvonne Redal


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