What Is Faith?

Faith is when you come into a room and sit down on a chair. You have faith that the chair will hold you. You don’t even look, you just sit down. Why is it that we often don’t have faith to believe that Jesus once said He will never leave us or forsake us and God said He would keep us like a mother hen hides her chicks under her wings. Instead, we complain, “No one knows or even cares about me.” Oh, but that just shows we have so little faith, doesn’t it?

Let’s take another look at it. Do you put the letter in a mailbox and let it go? Or do you hang on to  a corner of the envelope and then wonder why the answer never comes? It’s the same with faith. It hands that thing you are worrying about over to God, allowing Him to work on it. The Bible says “Commit your way unto the Lord, trust in Him and He will do this.” We must commit to the Lord and let it go.”

I found this out when I was praying often to God to heal my son, the one who recently had a bad infection in his foot and his leg needed to be cut off. I was praying all the time, and I was praying urgently too. A voice inside of me gave me that Bible verse. I thought about it and then committed Jim to the Lord and didn’t pray any more. I let it go and let God do what must be done.

He did have his leg cut off but he is fine. God has done what we wanted , to make him well again. He is in rehabilitation now, learning how to live without his leg. Now, if only we could trust in God like we do when we sit down on a chair, we would have more of our prayers answered. Remember, He sometimes answers in ways we don’t understand and sometimes He just says “No”. Isn’t it

Isn’t it better to sit down, In God’s chair, and pray. Then trust him to have an answer. The answer might surprise you, but later on, you’ll know it was the best answer of all!

I’m Glad There Is An Easter

I noticed there is a difference in the way Easter is depicted this year, at least on television. There seems to be less bunnies and colored eggs and more of the old films which show the death and resurrection of Jesus. Even the ads showing bunnies and colored eggs seem to be less this year. Although the world goes on thinking Easter is a day set aside for the beginning of  Spring. It is, but it’s because He lives!

I didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday. I believe this was the first time in my life. I didn’t get together with my children and grandchildren for dinner at my daughter’s home either! I just sat in my chair watching the Trailblazers basketball team lose, and feeling sorry for myself. Later in the day I listened to a sermon which stated that if we walk with God, He knows everything about us and puts us just where we would learn the most about Him. I thought,”What am I learning by staying home sick from church and the dinner at my daughter’s home?”

So I placed myself at home 2000 years ago just before the resurrection, I was watching the kids outside playing games, but not really watching, just sadly reflecting on what had just happened. The Jesus I had followed and loved had suffered a terrible death. I had really thought he was the Son of God but now He was dead! How could He be the Son of God? But then, He defeated death and rose up from the dead. He walked many places and 500 people saw him alive! He didn’t have the same body though, and could walk through walls at will! But it was Jesus!

We should all put ourselves there, just before the resurrection. We would feel bad, really bad. Our teacher is dead! And when we see him again, He is alive! He had conquered death and was alive! Wouldn’t our feelings about Easter be changed? I know my little thoughts Made a difference for me. Easter made a difference for me. I knew all those things but playacting them in my mind brought joy. We should remember His resurrection every day of our lives!





We Can’t Go On Like This!

What is happening to our young people? I have heard the study made that shows more drugs are taken by young people and young adults than ever before. And that American young people are taking drugs more than any other country! Why do they  do that? Could it be that we have ignored the teachings of the Bible to our kids? I think we have watered down what the Bible teaches far too much.

I’ve been writing a book about a twelve year old girl in the middle eighties. This has taken me much research and I have read that young people were open to talking about God and Jesus. The stories that Jesus told were the basis of their lives. Now, all they do is swear by God’s name. Yet drugs and alcohol were available even at that time and I suppose there were those who used them. After all, there are always a few rotten apples in the basket.

Now I’ll give you my theory: The generation of the late eighties taught their children the way to live. Christianity was alive and kicking then. The parents of the early nineties spent nearly all their time in Church with their kids and their kids really loved it. There they met their friends and it was playtime around the church! The study time was taken seriously too. I am a member of that time so I don’t need any research on that!

The parents of the next generation made the decision not to attend church as often as their parents. I was a Parish Worker, which is really a pastors assistant, remember that I had men of the church pick up children who wanted to go to Sunday School. I think I had three cars go every Sunday. The kids really wanted to go, but their parents wanted to sleep an extra hour or two. Anyhow, things broke down a bit during that time. Also, Sunday School was held before the worship service so the children went to the service with their parents.

Now, the Church’s message has been watered down in some of our Christian churches. It seems there’s not much to believe in. So, the parents stay home and many of the kids have gone to Independent churches. The rest wander around and often get into bad company. And that’s what makes the study. We, the modern parents are guilty and we seem, to get worse every generation, don’t we?

What do we do about it? I really don’t know. I watch parents play with their children. This was much like in the eighties but not like the other generations until today’s.  I think there is hope. We were told we must stand up for our country. Well I think we should stand up for Christianity now. It is constantly being persecuted. Many are killed. Yesterday, 45 Christians were killed while celebrating their Palm Sunday service in Egypt. Let’s be real Christians, teach our children too. And be proud that we are Christians! Maybe that will bring at least our Christian kids back to the fold.

Discouragements, Not Welcome!

My family is going through a rough week. My daughter has been diagnosed with pneumonia, only she doesn’t seem to follow orders from her doctor. I called her and found she was driving to a town nearly 100 miles away! I figured she should be in bed. Then I found out my teenager grand daughter is taking drugs and alcohol and hanging out with s0me bad kids! Then I got a phone call! My son has an infection in the foot he has gout in and his kidneys are not working so he must go on kidney dialasis. He has found out that he must have the foot and a part of the leg cut off! I urge your prayers for my son.

Anyhow my mind wheeled around and, yes, I worried. In fact I didn’t sleep that night but I have come to what I have always known, but haven’t always done. I gave it all to God. It was the only thing I could do. Worry does no good at all. But He can handle my son, daughter and grand daughter just fine. He loves each one of them. And, thank you God, He loves me too! But I’ll keep on praying. God demands that.

He loves you too. Don’t forget that. When you get discouraged. Don’t worry. Just turn the thing that has your mind wheeling around over to God. His love is boundless and forever. and when He created all the beauty around us, certainly He can handle our problems. can’t He?


Do You Have a Heavy burden?

You have all seen the poster where a man meets a boy carrying another boy who seems to have hurt himself. The man asks the boy, “Isn’t that load too much for you?” The boy answers him: “Oh, he ain’t heavy mister, he’s my brother.”

The story goes on, in my version: The man says, “Oh but I am working for Jesus now, so it’s Jesus who takes your heavy load from you. Isn’t it okay then for me to take that heavy load off you, even if your load is your brother?”

“I guess so, if you are really working for Jesus.” The boy is a little hesitant, but gives his burden to Jesus.

We all are working for him, if we believe him. The boy was working for Jesus when he tried to carry your brother. I wish everyone had an attitude of love for everyone they might meet. Jesus had an attitude of love when He died for each of us and he asks each one of us to have love for the people we could help. If you can’t actually carry his load, Just show him you love him by a smile or a word

Novelist  and minister Ian Maclaren wrote:    be kind, everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden. as you meet people today bring with you an attitude of love. Though you cannot see how they react, You will still be a blessing to them.



March Madness Is Here!

I got interested in March Madness this year because I have followed Wisconsin’s team. I have always followed the team wether it was basketball or football.  I lived in Wisconsin all during my first marriage and I buried my husband there. He earned his Master’s degree in Oregon so I’m also interested in their team.

This year, however, I filed out MY brackets and found out that I had Wisconsin playing Oregon for the champion game! And, it’s still a possibility! so I am a fan of March Madness even though I know many people gamble on these games. That I don’t agree with.

But, I think there is a far worse March Madness happening here in America and that is the thousands of people who, not only carry signs, but they are burning cars, killing policemen and breaking store windows too. Some of these are protesting because the wrong person speak at their college. Some are protesting the election. I am 90 years young and I’ve never seen anything like this. I am aware of our Constitution which says everyone has the right to speak but these protestors are doing far worse.

Why don’t we listen to those who don’t agree with the speaker who has been engaged to speak at any college? You might hear something you hadn’t heard before. And why keep on protesting the election? It was held over two months ago! You are hurting our country by keeping on this way. We talk about unity but we are far from united. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get together and each one of us do what we can to improve the things that are wrong in our wonderful country? That’s what I call “March Togetherness”.



How’s Your Faith?

My faith isn’t too good when you put it up to Abraham’s, you’ll remember from your old Sunday School days, when God told him to leave his home, wife, children and animals  in Oz and go. He didn’t tell him where to go, just follow Him. That took great faith, wouldn’t you say? And there is this : One day Abraham was told to take his son up in the mountains and offer him up as a sacrifice. I am sure he was confused at first. He didn’t want to murder his son, but he went. He even had his son carry the sticks for the fire. Just as he was about to put his son on the fire, God called him not to do it! He even provided a ram to be used as the sacrifice! I look at my son. I am sure I would not kill him. I’d try to deal with him by giving Him my best animal or something. The fact that Abraham didn’t have to kill his son proves God’s great love for all people and Abraham had great faith.

Or how about David? He was going to kill that big giant, Goliath, with only one stone! Goliath was over nine feet tall, and he was broad too. The Bible didn’t give David’s measurements, it just said he was small and frail. He threw the stone and the giant fell. Of course he knew God was with him, but it still took great faith for that young boy, David!

I have many stories I could tell you, but I’ll just tell you a couple. Can you imagine a guy like Noah  building that huge boat in the desert? Everyone was laughing at him, but he kept on building because God had told him to. In the end it was worth it because the rains covered the earth. That took great faith too. Let’s not forget Joshua. He was told by God to take the children of Israel with him and walk around the city of Jericho seven times and on the seventh time the people should give a loud shout and the walls of the city would fall down. It did and they won that battle! That surely took wild faith, didn’t it?

But Jesus tells us that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can tell the mountain to fall down and it will. Now the mustard seed is very tiny but I guess we all have very little faith. We do know of people who can’t swim yet go out in the river and save someone they don’t even know. And we have known soldiers who have saved many lives. And we know a very loving God who gives us faith to do something we ordinarily wouldn’t think of doing. Let’s ask God for greater faith and leave the harder things to Him. Okay?