Why pray?

My oldest son is  lying in bed suffering from gout. That must be a terrible disease! I can’t go to him and I probably would be only in the way. His wife is with him. He is a Lutheran pastor, living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, a long way from my home in the Northwest! However, there is one way I can help and that is to pray. I will not be a long way from him, but God will be with both of us. What could be better?

Many of you don’t pray. Some of you think God knows everything so my little prayer will do no good. He knows the problem and could fix it right away if he wanted to. Some of you don’t pray because you think you don’t have time. That’s a dumb one isn’t it? God gives you 24  hours a day and wants you to give Him a little bit of that 24 hours. Some of you don’t pray because you don’t know God. That is sad! All you have to do is look out your window and see the trees all have little buds on them. They will soon have leaves again. We have faith enough to believe that. We know there will soon be leaves even though they dropped to the ground, dead, last fall. Who do you think arranges that?

No, we must take time to pray. God will hear you and the person you are praying for will feel that someone is praying for them. And don’t forget to pray for that pastor, Jim, in New Mexico too. He’ll be so thankful!